Forest Analytics, Data Management, and Geomatics

Meristem Insights is a company focussed on providing intelligent decision and management support across the natural resources sector. A meristem is undifferentiated plant tissue that can produce new parts of the plant. It can became any type of plant tissue: leaf, stem, flower, petal, etc. Like a meristem, we are ready to grow and adapt to the circumstances presented to us. We pledge to help our clients grow and provide them what they need to adapt to their ever evolving circumstances. 

At Meristem we provide a challenging and rewarding work environment, focussed on building a strong and dedicated team of natural resource professionals. We are a growing company, with the view that we succeed through the success of our team. As such, we will support your professional growth and provide opportunities for advancement consistent with the interests and strengths of each individual team member.


Dani Taillon
Jason Smith, MRM, RPBio

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